Thu, Jul 11, 2019

An Afghan opening: opportunities, challenges, and pitfalls

The frank conversations between the Afghan representatives laid bare the country’s decades-long wounds and contrasting positions on a host of policies and values

New Atlanticist by Omar Samad

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Wed, Jul 3, 2019

Women’s World Cup 2019: Where is the Middle East?

With all the excitement these past months have generated, it is hard not to notice a glaring discrepancy in representation. There is not one team from the Middle East that qualified.

MENASource by Sheva Tabatabainejad and Rana Abdulhadi

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Mon, Apr 22, 2019

The future of Afghanistan: ongoing negotiations and the role of regional partners

On Monday April 22, the Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center hosted a panel discussion on the Afghanistan peace negotiations. The panel was moderated by the South Asia Center’s Nonresident Senior Fellow Fatemeh Aman and focused on the role of regional powers helping to secure stability and peace. Daud Khattak, Senior Editor of Radio Mashaal, outlined […]

Event Recap by Sahir Amlani

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Thu, Apr 4, 2019

As it turns 70, NATO sets its sights to the future

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the Alliance “took important decisions on urgent problem sets,” including burden sharing, Russia, and Afghanistan.

NATOat70 by David A. Wemer

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Wed, Apr 3, 2019

MLP at NATO Engages

On April 3rd, a cohort of Millennium Fellows had the opportunity to attend and participate during NATO Engages. Zafar Hashemi shared his history with NATO beginning as a boy in Afghanistan and culminating in his current position with SIGAR. Pete Seat was asked to present his perspective immediately following Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s address to […]

Program Impact Story by Atlantic Council

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Fri, Mar 29, 2019

Biberman in East Asia Forum: Pakistan is ready for stability in Afghanistan

In the News by Atlantic Council

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Thu, Feb 7, 2019

#StrongerWithAllies: This Icelander helps improve lives of Afghan women

“It’s very important to put the issue of gender-based violence and women’s rights front and center every day in how we train soldiers, in how we operate in the field, and how soldiers interact with civilians when they find themselves in combat zones," said Alfred Perla Baldursdottir.

New Atlanticist by Hal Foster

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Thu, Jan 31, 2019

Getting peace right in Afghanistan: A political solution to a military problem

The path to the end of the conflict in Afghanistan will be political and it will be in the hands of the Afghans.

New Atlanticist by Thang Tran, Leo Blanken, and Philip Swintek

Afghanistan Conflict

Wed, Jan 30, 2019

Can Iran Help Reach a Lasting Peace in Afghanistan?

Progress has been reported in peace talks between US envoy Zalmay Khalilzad and the Taliban, but without the participation of the Afghan government, it seems premature to assume that an agreement will be reached soon. Could Iran play a constructive role in achieving an end to America’s longest war? Despite their lack of diplomatic relations and enduring hostility, […]

IranSource by Fatemeh Aman

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Fri, Jan 25, 2019

A step closer to peace in Afghanistan?

Washington will need to scale its expectations and give the process more time to mature. But the United States must also maintain its strategic imperative to find a way to leave Afghanistan.

New Atlanticist by Omar Samad and Bharath Gopalaswamy

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