Mon, Sep 30, 2019

Reenergizing Transatlantic Space Cooperation in Security and Beyond

The next event in our Defense-Industrial Policy Series and launch of a new Issue Brief, “Reenergizing Transatlantic Space Cooperation in Security and Beyond” by Stephen Ganote, features keynote remarks by Scott Pace, the Executive Secretary of the US National Space Council and a panel discussion of the report by four distinguished business and government executives.

4:30pm Washington DC

Fri, Sep 13, 2019

Hezbollah and Iran’s Illicit Financial Networks

Topics of discussion included Hezbollah’s global network of financiers and the Trump Administration’s maximum pressure campaign against Iran.

1:00pm Washington DC

Mon, Sep 16, 2019

The New Battle for the Atlantic

As the world enters the ‘maritime century,’ mounting tensions between Russia and the NATO Alliance and an increasingly sophisticated Russian navy have begun to reshape the maritime security environment in the North Atlantic. Convening a panel of noted European security experts, this public discussion will evaluate how the United States and NATO must rebuild and adapt their strategy and capabilities to secure the strategic link between the United States and Europe.

3:00pm Washington DC

Thu, Sep 12, 2019

Political Crisis in Hong Kong and the Future of “One Country, Two Systems”

Please join the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security for a public panel discussion on Hong Kong’s current political crisis and its future.

10:00am Washington DC

Tue, Sep 10, 2019

Cyber 9/12 Canberra

The Atlantic Council and the Institute for Regional Security, in conjunction with industry sponsors and academic, are holding the Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge in Canberra on 10th – 11th September 2019.

9:00am Canberra DC

Thu, Sep 19, 2019

Key Sanctions Risks and Trends with Kharon

The event will feature presentations by sanctions experts from the Atlantic Council and Kharon, a panel discussion, and an audience Q&A.

3:30pm Washington DC

Mon, Jul 29, 2019

Avenues for managing the escalating crisis in the Gulf

On July 30, the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security and the Arabia Foundation held a discussion unpacking the recent pattern of escalation with Iran in the Gulf, the US and regional policy response, and what comes next.


Thu, Jul 25, 2019

The future of US strategic competition with China

How should the United States and its allies work together to respond to China’s ongoing rise? What are the advantages and limits of the current US approach?


Mon, Jul 22, 2019

Beyond control: Iran and its opponents locked in a lopsided confrontation

Atlantic Council hosted a panel discussion on July 22 that also marked the release of a new issue brief, “Beyond Control: Iran and its Opponents Locked in a Lopsided Confrontation.”


Thu, Jul 18, 2019

The aerospace industry’s contributions to Apollo

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, this event will amplify the acclaimed achievements of NASA and the astronauts with a focus on the unremarked story of the aerospace industry’s role in the Apollo program. Apollo holds a distinctive place in the heritage of technology, businesses, and people who make up the contemporary landscape of aerospace and defense.

10:30am Washington DC