Mon, Oct 2, 2017

The roots and evolution of Iran’s regional strategy

Understanding what drives Iran’s regional policies is crucial to confronting its challenges. In her new paper, entitled The Roots and Evolution of Iran’s Regional Strategy, Suzanne Maloney, deputy director of foreign policy and senior fellow for Middle East policy at the Brookings Institution, explores how the Islamic Republic operates throughout the Middle East, and the […]

Issue Brief by Suzanne Maloney

Iran Politics & Diplomacy

Thu, Sep 14, 2017

Revolution unveiled: A closer look at Iran’s presence and influence in the Middle East

Revolution Unveiled: A Closer Look at Iran’s Presence and Influence in the Middle East, by Phillip Smyth, Tim Michetti, and Owen Daniels, pieces together snapshots of Iran’s influence in the region using photographic analysis, geolocation, social media monitoring, and other methods. Through four case studies, this report systematically examines new or lesser-known methods Iran employs […]

Report by Phillip Smyth, Tim Michetti, and Owen Daniels

Iran Middle East

Wed, Mar 22, 2017

From the Gulf to the Nile: water security in an arid region

Fresh water is fundamental to human health, social development, peace, and economic growth everywhere in the world. Yet in a great many places, and for a great many people, clean freshwater is scarce. Current trends on both the supply and demand sides strongly suggest that clean freshwater availability will become more challenging in more places […]

Report by Peter Engelke and Howard Passell

Wed, Feb 1, 2017

Mediterranean futures 2030

A region in flux, the Mediterranean of today–and tomorrow–faces an array of complex challenges. Demographic shifts, evolving political and security contexts, economic uncertainty, and climate change have created massive migration flows and regional instability, straining resources in southern Europe. These and other drivers of change have highlighted the increased importance of developing a transatlantic security […]

Report by Peter Engelke, Lisa Aronsson, and Magnus Nordenman

Fri, Oct 14, 2016

History’s lessons for resolving today’s Middle East conflicts

In the spirit of the adage that “those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it,” History’s Lessons for Resolving Today’s Middle East Conflicts, by Mathew J. Burrows, examines past precedents for resolving highly complex conflicts, by delving into seven historic examples of peacemaking.

Issue Brief by Mathew J. Burrows

Conflict Middle East

Mon, Apr 18, 2016

After hub-and-spoke: US hegemony in a new Gulf security order

The era of Pax Americana in the Gulf, and perhaps in the broader Middle East, is changing. Regional transformation and chaos resulting from the Arab uprisings, the rise of ISIS and its global terrorist reach, shifting US priorities around the world, and the rise of other outside powers in the Gulf have contributed to an […]

Regional Security Initiative by Bilal Y. Saab

Middle East Security & Defense

Mon, Jul 6, 2015

The new containment: Changing America’s approach to Middle East security

Securing the Middle East after an Iran nuclear deal is the next big challenge for both the region and the international community. The United States and its allies have engaged in tireless diplomacy with Iran over the past few years to produce an agreement that would limit Tehran’s nuclear program for the next decade and […]

Regional Security Initiative by Bilal Y. Saab

Middle East Security & Defense

Wed, Apr 1, 2015

Brainstorming the Gulf: Innovation and the knowledge economy in the GCC

In Brainstorming the Gulf: Innovation and the Knowledge Economy in the GCC, the report’s author, Peter Engelke, Senior Fellow for the Foresight, Strategy, and Risks Initiative in the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security, highlights the successes that Gulf states have enjoyed to date and addresses the major hurdles to sustaining and expanding these successes.

Regional Security Initiative by Peter Engelke

Entrepreneurship Middle East

Mon, Mar 23, 2015

Artful balance: The future of US defense strategy and force posture in the Gulf

A strategic review of US defense strategy and force posture in the Gulf is long overdue. In Artful Balance: Future US Defense Strategy and Force Posture in the Gulf, Bilal Y. Saab, Resident Senior Fellow for Middle East Security at the Atlantic Council’s Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security, and Barry Pavel, Vice President and […]

Regional Security Initiative by Bilal Y. Saab and Barry Pavel

Maritime Security Middle East

Tue, Nov 18, 2014

Mitigating the security risks posed by a near-nuclear Iran

Deal or no deal, Iran will still pose a destabilizing nuclear security threat, writes Senior Fellow Matthew Kroenig As worldwide attention focuses on the international negotiators rushing to finish a nuclear deal with Iran before a self-imposed November 24 deadline, we are in danger of overlooking the fact that Iran’s extant nuclear capability already presents […]

Issue Brief by Matthew Kroenig

Iran National Security