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Wed, Oct 9, 2019

Ukraine’s most vulnerable children deserve a passport, too

In the non-government controlled territories of Ukraine, 57 percent of children were born without proper birth registration by the Ukrainian authorities and may be unable to qualify for a Ukrainian passport at age 14.

UkraineAlert by Anna Babko

Civil Society Conflict

Thu, Oct 3, 2019

In solidarity with Sudan: Syria’s graffiti movement

Within this project, local volunteers planned and organized graffiti murals, based off of London artist and social commentator Banksy, reflecting on current events while tying in the Syrian conflict.

SyriaSource by Rana Riziq

Civil Society Resilience & Society

Thu, Oct 3, 2019

Rebuilding Ukraine one house at a time

Five years after Kramatorsk, our volunteer initiative has become the largest volunteer movement in Ukraine with a network of more than 2,500 volunteers. Together, we have restored housing for 220 families and helped 17 cities create their own youth centers.

UkraineAlert by Yurko Didula

Civil Society Conflict
Youth entrepreneurs

Wed, Oct 2, 2019

Money, mentors, and markets: What youth entrepreneurs need to succeed

Youth around the world are creating their own businesses—sometimes out of necessity—and are seizing opportunities arising from digital diffusion, new technologies, and growing industries.

New Atlanticist by Nicole Goldin

Inclusive Growth Youth

Thu, Sep 12, 2019

War and art: The graffiti movement in Syria

A local Syrian civil society organization, Kesh Malek, is focused on supplying humanitarian aid and services to Syrians throughout Syria. One of its successful media campaigns this year is the Syria Banksy project.

SyriaSource by Rana Riziq

Civil Society Syria

Tue, Jul 16, 2019

Ukraine House Toronto highlights Ukraine’s renaissance

“Ukraine is having this renaissance, a boom; the closest thing I can compare it to is Berlin seventeen years ago, where the kids are just taking over," said Darko Skulsky, co-producer of HBO hit series Chernobyl.

UkraineAlert by Alexa Chopivsky and Paul Grod

Civil Society Ukraine

Thu, Jun 27, 2019

Everything You Know about the Donbas Is Wrong

Almost every image of eastern Ukraine involves suffering of some sort: old people waiting in endless queues for tiny pensions; internally displaced persons living in cramped temporary housing that is no longer temporary; Ukrainian troops operating with few modern conveniences. Since 2014, most people with education and means have fled the region. One could be […]

UkraineAlert by Melinda Haring

Civil Society Inclusive Growth

Fri, Jun 14, 2019

Shaping a new American leadership

The world as we know it is at risk. The next generation must forge a new American leadership in a dramatically uncertain world.

New Atlanticist by Damon Wilson

United States and Canada Youth

Thu, Jun 13, 2019

The decline of MENA students coming to the United States: Why that’s a problem

Fewer students from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are pursuing university studies in the United States. In its most recent “Open Doors” report, the Institute for International Education measured an 8.7 percent reduction in the number of undergraduates from the region attending US colleges and universities for full-time studies and 5.2 percent decline in graduate students.

MENASource by Ambassador Richard LeBaron and Sarah Aljishi

Middle East Youth

Mon, Mar 4, 2019

Some child soldiers get rehabilitation, others get prison

With the rise of violent extremist groups, many countries have adopted much more aggressive counterterrorism measures, including a marked increase in the detention and prosecution of children.

New Atlanticist by Jo Becker

Iraq Terrorism