Thu, Oct 17, 2019

The seasoning of President Zelenskyy

It appears that the well-meaning, if initially inexperienced and idealistic, Zelenskyy, unconventional and not entirely predictable, has been forced to learn this through the school of hard knocks.

UkraineAlert by Bohdan Nahaylo

Crisis Management Elections

Fri, Oct 4, 2019

Expert Q&A: Will the Steinmeier Formula bring peace to Ukraine?

What does the Steinmeier Formula mean for Ukraine and could this be the first step in a peaceful settlement of the Donbas war?

UkraineAlert by Mattia Nelles

Conflict Crisis Management

Tue, Oct 1, 2019

Hard questions for Mr. Zelenskyy

Is Ukraine about to be sold out and further weakened by internal splits?

UkraineAlert by Bohdan Nahaylo

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Thu, Jun 20, 2019

An incomplete end to the MH17 tragedy

Aside from the blowback from Russia and its refusal to cooperate, there are a couple of storm clouds on the horizon for the resolution of the MH17 tragedy.

UkraineAlert by Michael Bociurkiw

Conflict Disinformation

Fri, Mar 29, 2019

Who gains from using the far-right in Ukraine’s elections?

The G-7 wrote to Minister of Interior Arsen Avakov about the threat to Ukraine’s presidential election from the far-right National Corps political party and National Militia civic organization, both led by Andriy Biletsky with whom he has had a long relationship. The G-7 warned, “They intimidate Ukrainian citizens, try to usurp the role of the […]

UkraineAlert by Taras Kuzio

Elections Extremism

Mon, Feb 11, 2019

Why the Sajdik Plan for the Donbas Will Not Work

UkraineAlert by Maksym Khylko

OSCE Russia

Mon, Aug 27, 2018

More than a frozen conflict: Russian foreign policy toward Moldova

Recent Russian policy documents, such as the Foreign Policy Concepts released in 2016, all identify the post-Soviet space as one of Moscow’s top priorities. Moldova does not top of the list in this region, but it is far more significant for Russian policy makers than most Western interlocutors realize.

Report by William H. Hill

Defense Policy Geopolitics & Energy Security

Mon, Jul 23, 2018

Russia has no place in the OSCE special monitoring mission in Ukraine

It will be difficult to get some other OSCE member countries, allies of Russia, to accept that unanimity minus one should now be applied in Ukraine. But at the very least, this conversation should be opened.

UkraineAlert by Paul Niland

OSCE Russia

Tue, Dec 6, 2016

Taking Stock of the Challenge Posed by Russia

US representative to the OSCE, Daniel B. Baer, responds to European call for arms control talks with Moscow The United States shares European concerns about the erosion of Russian compliance with international treaties, but “it is not self-evident that the way forward is new commitments,” as has been proposed by the foreign ministers of fourteen […]

New Atlanticist by Ashish Kumar Sen

European Union International Organizations

Wed, Jun 29, 2016

Now Is Not the Time to Scrap the Minsk Agreement

A Reply to David J. Kramer Editor’s Note: On June 22, Ambassador John Herbst and David J. Kramer debated whether we should bury the Minsk agreement, the troubled ceasefire agreement in Ukraine, at an Atlantic Council event in Washington, DC. Their remarks have been adapted from the debate. Ukraine’s discussion of the war with Russia […]

UkraineAlert by John E. Herbst

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