Fri, Sep 27, 2019

Why Zelenskyy needs a new chief of staff now

A new investigation may shed light on the views of Zelenskyy's chief of staff Andriy Bohdan toward Russia and the West.

UkraineAlert by Melinda Haring

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Thu, Sep 26, 2019

Expert Q&A: How’s the US-Ukraine relationship after New York?

How’s the US-Ukraine relationship after New York? What should Zelenskyy do next? How could Russian President Vladimir Putin exploit this?

UkraineAlert by Melinda Haring

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Thu, Sep 26, 2019

Explainer: Five things about the Ukraine controversy you need to know (plus a freebie)

Many of the names in the Ukraine controversy are new to general readers, so we attempt to answer a few basic questions. If you have others, please drop us a line on Twitter.

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Wed, Sep 25, 2019

The democratic dilemma of the early Tunisian presidential elections

Cataclysm, atypical, and rupture are a few words to describe the situation in Tunisia after the exit poll results in the first round of the early presidential elections organized on September 15, 2019. People expressed mixed feelings about the candidates’ performances, but also voiced serious concerns regarding the long-term political outcomes of the electoral process. […]

MENASource by Haykel Ben Mahfoudh

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Fri, Sep 20, 2019

How to make a lasting regime change: A guide for aspiring (democratic) reformers

Why did the Central Europeans succeed when so many efforts at regime change from within failed – ending in tears, bitter disappointment or bloodshed?

New Atlanticist by Jakub Wiśniewski

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Thu, Sep 19, 2019

Guinea’s president seeks expanded US investment

On Thursday, September 19, the Atlantic Council’s Africa Center hosted H.E. Professor Alpha Condé, president of the Republic of Guinea. Atlantic Council Vice President and Africa Center Director Dr. J. Peter Pham provided opening remarks and welcomed President Condé to the Atlantic Council. President Condé discussed Guinea’s ability to implement reforms and overcome challenges in […]

Event Recap by Africa Center

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Wed, Sep 18, 2019

What holds Ukraine back

It’s time for prison terms and the assertion of the rule of law. It also is time to draw the proverbial line in the sand, that the corrupt oligarchical practices in the economy, in politics, and in greater Ukrainian society will no longer be tolerated.

UkraineAlert by Yuri Polakiwsky

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Wed, Sep 18, 2019

More haste, less speed?

The focus needs to be broadened to include the entire range of oligarchs and not simply keep the spotlight on Kolomoisky.

UkraineAlert by Bohdan Nahaylo

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Tue, Sep 17, 2019

First glimpses of Tokayev’s Kazakhstan: The listening state?

Steps towards reform in politics, law, economics, administration, civil society, and foreign relations by the new Kazakh president should compel the United States and its allies to take a more engaged and active approach to Kazakhstan.

Long Take by S. Frederick Starr

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Thu, Sep 12, 2019

Factbox: Tunisia’s precarious 2019 presidential election

Voting booths open for the Tunisian presidential election this Sunday, September 15, in one of the world’s youngest democracies. Tunisians will be selecting their second president from among twenty-six candidates, including two women, with hopes of a new vision for addressing pressing issues about the economy, security, and political reform.

MENASource by Adam Aluzri and Christiana Haynes

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