Thu, Jul 25, 2019

Uskowi quoted in the National Interest on Iran’s air force

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Mon, Jul 8, 2019

Biberman releases Gambling with Violence: State Outsourcing of War in Pakistan and India (Oxford University Press)

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Wed, Jul 3, 2019

McFate quoted in The Express on how the west is wasting resources on conventional weapons systems

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Mon, Jun 24, 2019

What to expect from Acting Secretary of Defense Mark Esper

Esper’s tenure as secretary of the army demonstrates a prioritization of great-power competition over other threats, and we should expect this trend to continue in his new role.

New Atlanticist by Christian Trotti

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Sat, Jun 1, 2019

The future of the Army in great-power competition

On May 17, 2019, Secretary of the Army Mark T. Esper joined us to discuss “The Future of the Army in Great-Power Competition.” This event was part of the Commanders Series, which is the Atlantic Council’s flagship speakers’ forum for senior military and defense leaders. In both his keynote speech and his conversation with Defense […]

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Tue, Apr 23, 2019

Leveraging the National Technology Industrial Base to address great-power competition

The purpose of this report by William Greenwalt is to promote urgent deliberations over what a modern National Technology and Industrial Base should look like, and to encourage Congress and the administration to adopt measures that will enable access to defense-industrial resources that are more responsive to the needs of the National Defense Strategy.

Report by William Greenwalt

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Thu, Apr 4, 2019

NATO at seventy: Filling NATO’s critical defense-capability gaps

The need to outfit and equip NATO for great power competition, as well as increased pressure to invest more in defense, provides an opportunity to strengthen NATO for the future. Yet the path forward is still unclear. What investments should be prioritized to ensure that NATO retains its fighting mindset well past its seventieth anniversary in 2019?

NATOat70 by Wayne A. Schroeder

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Mon, Mar 18, 2019

Bad advice

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko recently advocated building intermediate-range ballistic missiles and cruise missiles to target and presumably use against Russia. No doubt Poroshenko calculated that he might gain a political advantage during the final days of a tough campaign for reelection by adopting this hawkish stance. And he may have also thought it made military […]

UkraineAlert by Stephen Blank

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Thu, Feb 28, 2019

Why Poroshenko doesn’t deserve a second term

Ukraine needs a change. The latest scandal, involving allegations of massive profiteering from the war against Russia by well-connected Ukrainians, proves the need for a new leader in the upcoming presidential election. Allegations are that the son of a close business partner of President Petro Poroshenko sold smuggled Russian parts to Ukrainian defense factories at […]

UkraineAlert by Diane Francis

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Thu, Feb 28, 2019

Q&A: Will scandal sink Poroshenko’s second term chances?

On February 25, investigative journalists accused President Petro Poroshenko’s close associates of getting rich by smuggling spare parts for military equipment from Russia. The Bihus.Info report claims that the son of Oleh Hladkovskiy, deputy secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, was the mastermind behind a scheme to buy spare parts from Russia in 2015. […]

UkraineAlert by Melinda Haring

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