Fri, Dec 6, 2019

Fried, Vershbow and Åslund quoted in Axios on Russia under Putin

As Putin reaches nearly twenty years in power, Amb. Alexander Vershbow, former US ambassador to Russia; Amb. Daniel Fried, former US ambassador to Poland; and Anders Åslund, senior fellow, Eurasia Center, speak to Dave Lawler from Axios about what Russia has become under Putin's rule and what its future will look like without him.

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Wed, Dec 4, 2019

The shadow of Munich hangs over Russia-Ukraine Paris peace talks

Ukraine's President Zelenskyy will meet Russian leader Vladimir Putin face-to-face for the first time next week at Paris peace talks hosted by French President Emmanuel Macron. With France publicly promoting the need for improved ties with the Kremlin, many fear Ukraine could face pressure to make dangerous concessions.

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Wed, Dec 4, 2019

Profit over principle: Apple appeases the Kremlin

Apple has changed the labelling on its apps for Russian users and now shows Ukraine's occupied Crimean peninsula as Russian territory. This follows a similar move by Google earlier in 2019. By bowing to the Kremlin's demands, do global tech giants risk normalizing Russian aggression against Ukraine?

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Wed, Dec 4, 2019

Transcript: US strategic interests in Ukraine

Prior to the December 9 Normandy Summit, what can the United States do to ensure that Ukraine succeeds?

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Tue, Dec 3, 2019

Low expectations as Zelenskyy prepares for Putin peace talks in Paris

Ukraine's President Zelenskyy is hoping to make progress towards peace during his first face-to-face meeting with Vladimir Putin next week in Paris, but Russian and Ukrainian visions of a post-war settlement remain fundamentally at odds.

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Tue, Dec 3, 2019

Ukraine faces a decisive December in a rapidly deteriorating geopolitical climate

With a NATO summit in London and long awaited peace talks in Paris, December is shaping up to be a decisive month for Ukraine, but the geopolitical climate is far from favorable and could deteriorate further.

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Sun, Dec 1, 2019

Kadhim quoted in The Washington Times on the resignation of Iraqi prime minister

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Thu, Nov 28, 2019

Kadhim quoted in L’Orient Le Jour on corruption in Iraq

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Tue, Nov 26, 2019

Katz quoted in Sharq wa Gharb (London) on the US objecting to Egypt buying Russian Su-35 fighter aircraft

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Mon, Nov 25, 2019

Stranded on the island of Lesbos, refugees remain in limbo

The Greek island of Lesbos is a unique island with a symbolic statue of liberty standing tall since 1922. Lesbos became a place for refuge following the Greco-Turkish war of 1919 and today is home to thousands of refugees. Located in the Aegean Sea near the shores of Turkey, the island first became a place […]

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