Tue, Nov 7, 2017

Report Launch: Aviation Cybersecurity–Finding Lift, Minimizing Drag

On November 7, the Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative launched its first-ever report on Aviation Cybersecurity—Finding Lift, Minimizing Drag, underwritten by Thales. The event featured a keynote by Jeanette Manfra, assistant secretary for cybersecurity and communications at the US Department of Homeland Security.

Event Recap by Safa Shahwan


Pete Cooper is an independent cyber security adviser based in London, United Kingdom (UK), and a nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative.The first part of his twenty-four-year career in the UK Royal Air Force (RAF), was as a fast jet pilot and instructor on the Tornado GR4. He then became an early member of the UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) Joint Cyber Unit, developing and integrating cyber operations into UK and MoD processes. His final position was in MoD Joint Forces Cyber Group where he was the strategic cyber operations adviser, playing a key role in developing policies, concepts, and doctrine both nationally and internationally.He has an MSc in cyberspace operations from Cranfield University. His dissertation on adding a cognitive dimension to active cyber defense was published by the Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare and explored how a better understanding of attacker psychology could be used to augment legal active cyber defense methodologies. He is also a certified information systems security professional (CISSP).Since leaving the RAF in 2016 he has been advising nationally and internationally on cyber security challenges and opportunities, supporting various organizations in developing their strategies. He is also a passionate supporter for the Cyber 9/12 policy and strategy competition, which has seen him present and judge at competitions in both the United States and Europe. As director of Cyber 9/12 UK, he is also leading the rollout of the competition in the UK.