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Mon, Jun 24, 2019

Binnendijk in the Military Times: Trump’s war?

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Thu, Nov 29, 2018

NATO priorities after the Brussels summit

In Brussels, allies committed not only to increased spending to meet the NATO 2-percent pledge, but to important improvements in readiness and reinforcement for air, land, and naval forces. They also agreed to adopt an increased focus on the challenges of cyber and hybrid conflict. The commitments are comprehensive, but the results of these decisions will depend on effective implementation. This paper sets forth a policy and programmatic framework for that implementation, proposing four sets of actions that NATO should undertake.

Report by Franklin D. Kramer, Hans Binnendijk, Lauren M. Speranza

Europe & Eurasia NATO

Thu, Apr 19, 2018

NATO’s value to the United States: By the numbers

Questions have emerged in the United States about the value of America’s transatlantic alliance in an age when many Americans call for fewer foreign commitments and a stronger focus on domestic issues. NATO’s role and value to the United States was highlighted during the 2016 presidential campaign, and President Donald J. Trump has continued to […]

Issue Brief by Hans Binnendijk and Magnus Nordenman

Europe & Eurasia NATO

Dr. Hans Binnendijk is a distinguished fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security.

He is also an adjunct political scientist at the RAND Corporation. Previously, he was a senior fellow at the Center for Transatlantic Relations at Johns Hopkins’ School of Advanced International Studies. Until 2012, he was the Vice President for Research at the National Defense University and Director of the Institute for National Strategic Studies. He previously served twice on the National Security Council staff as senior director for Defense Policy and Arms Control and earlier as an officer for Southern European Affairs. He also served as deputy director and acting director of the State Department’s Policy Planning Staff and as deputy staff director and legislative director of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. In academia, he was director of Georgetown University’s Institute for the Study of Diplomacy and deputy director and director of studies of London’s Institute for International Strategic Studies. He has received numerous awards for his government service, including three Distinguished Public Service Awards and a Superior Service Award, in addition to receiving the Cross of the Order of Merit from the Federal Republic of Germany. Binnendijk is author, coauthor, or editor of nearly 20 books and has written over 200 articles, editorials, and reports. He received his B.A. in history from the University of Pennsylvania and his MALD and his PhD in international relations from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.